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Resident Evil – Code: Veronica X – Review

Developer: CAPCOM

Year Released: 2000

Sure I’m not human anymore, but look at the power I’ve gained!

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X is, in my opinion, one of the best in the series. The game stars Claire Redfield (survivor from the Raccoon City outbreak) who continues to search for her brother Chris, a S.T.A.R.S. member who disappeared while investigating Umbrella’s activities…

In an impressive opening cutscene, Claire is caught infiltrating an Umbrella laboratory in Paris and is subsequently held captive in a prison facility on Rockfort Island – a remote island owned by Umbrella. However, she is not incarcerated for long as, to her horror, the island is soon subjected to the zombifying T-virus, with devastating results. Many of the prisoners held on the island now roam the grounds as the flesh-eating undead. Claire is released from her cell by a man named Rodrigo Juan Raval and left to fend for herself in an all too familiar situation. She later meets up with fellow inmate, Steve Burnside and they decide to team up in order to escape the zombie-infested island alive. Claire’s next encounter is not so pleasant however, as she soon comes face to face with Alfred Ashford, the islands commander, who claims to be a descendant of one of the original founders of Umbrella Corporation. He goes on to accuse Claire of allowing herself to become captured deliberately – in order to lead ‘her people’ to the island to interfere with his operation. It also becomes increasingly apparent that Alfred is not of sound mind.

As you progress further into the game, it is discovered that Alfred is in fact a twin – his sister Alexia, who is equally unhinged, is responsible for the creation of the T-Veronica virus – the twins even experimented with the virus using their own father Alexander Ashford as a test subject. Claire also crosses paths with the notorious Albert Wesker, whose plans to obtain a sample of the T-Veronica virus. As you delve deeper into the madness of the Ashford twins, with new dangers lurking round every corner, you must keep your wits about you in order to escape with your life…

For the majority of the game, you play as Claire but, at certain points, you also get the chance to take on the role as Steve and, at a later stage, Chris (who comes to his sister’s aid once he learns of her whereabouts).

This game is immensely entertaining from start to finish. With a compelling storyline, great cutscenes, frightening enemies and plenty of bonus material, Code Veronica provides hours upon hours of satisfying game-play. In addition, the creepy soundtrack really sets the scene and heightens the suspense – making it one of the most eerie installments of the Resident Evil series to date.

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