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Zombie Logo

Initial Indications

Ideally, you would want to be aware of a zombie outbreak before one such fiend is gnawing upon your person. Therefore, it is advisable to monitor headlines and keep a sharp lookout for the following possible warning signs in your area (or indeed any area):

  • Bizarre murder cases – e.g. groups of unidentified assailants attacking and murdering individuals with no apparent motive.
  • An explosion of missing person reports/unexplained deaths.
  • Patients expressing violent, erratic behaviour following treatment with novel vaccines/drugs etc.
  • The sudden disappearance/rise in strange behaviour of vagrants (as they would be particularly vulnerable to early zombie attacks and the vanishing of these homeless individuals may be overlooked in certain cases).
  • Populated areas exposed to abnormally high-level radiation levels (nuclear power plant leak etc) – and any consequential events.
  • Evidence of biological warfare use – i.e. terrorist attacks etc.